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Medical, ITE and General Purpose Applications

    Standard Specifications

  • Universal Input Voltage:
    90-264Vac 47-63Hz
  • Output Voltage Regulation:
    1% Typ., 5% Max., for a 100% to 0% Load change.
  • Operating Temperature:
    -20C to 50C, linearly derated to 70% of output power at 75C
  • Maximum Output Ripple:
       5.0 - 6.0V: 50mVp-p
       6.1 - 24V:  100mVp-p
       24.1 - 36V: 150mVp-p
       36.1 - 48V: 200mVp-p
  • Designed for Continuous Duty
  • Hold-Up Time : 25mS Minimum @ 120 Vin
  • Short Circuit and Over Load Protection
  • High efficiency design meets Energy Star and Blue Angel operation guidelines. No load power draw is less than 1 watt.
  • SELV Output
  • Low leakage input EMI filter meets 100uA medical leakage current category for UL2601.1 type BF equipment
  • EMI Immunity: Meets EN50082.1 requirements for ESD, modulated RF field and EFT. Meets IEEE C62.41 Level A3 requirements
  • EMC: Meets the EMC directive for Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial
  • EMI Emissions: Meets FCC CFR part 15 class B, CISPR11, CISPR22, EN55011, EN55022 (All class B), Both Conducted and Radiated emissions 100% tested on all prototype units. Radiated measurements by correlation procedure.
  • Over 100,000 hours calculated MTBF at 40 C ambient temperature
  • 2 Hour Minimum Loaded Burn-in at 40C Ambient
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • L Size = 3.0"W x 4.5"L x 1.6"H
      L Diagram

  • Z Size = 3.5"W x 6.25"L x 1.9"H
    Z Diagram

    Available Features

  • Separate Battery Charger Output
  • DC Input
  • Additional Noise and/or Surge Protection
  • Special Output Voltages
  • Various Connector Configurations
  • 16 Hour Burn-in

Regulatory Compliance

All models are certified to:
UL 60601-1
CSA 22.2 #601-1
TUV EN60601-1/EN60950-1

CE LVD/EMC directives
Products are UL certified to Canadian safety standards and marked with the cUR mark. CE mark is based upon manufacturers self declaration.
Certification records available upon project request.

  "L" Size "Z" Size
ModelNumber Output Voltage Range Output Current Range Output Wattage Range Output Current Range Output Wattage Range
CS_791[a](M) 5V to 6.5V 8A to 6.2A 40W 12A to 9.2A 60W
CS_792[a](M) 7V to 9V 5.7A to 4.4A 40W 8.6A to 6.7A 65W
CS_793[a](M) 10V to 16V 4A to 3A 48W 6.7A to5A 80W
CS_794[a](M) 18V to 30V 2.7A to 1.6A 48W 4.4A to 2.7A 80W
CS_795[a](M) 32V to 48V 1.5A to1.0A 48W 2.5A to 1.7A 80W
CS_796[a](M) 5V to 30V 3A to 1.5A 15-45W 5A to 2.5A 25-75W
CS_895[a](M) 5V to 30V 3A to1.5A 15-45W 5A to 2.5A 25-75W
+12V Aux. 150mA 800mA
Specify "L" or "Z" Size in Model Number underscore
(M) option on part number indicates medical compliant safety design and markings.
Specify "A" for *Adjustable output or "P" for **Programmable output in Model Number [a]
*Adjustable output voltage feature uses a single turn potentiometer accessible from the bottom surface.
**Programmable output voltage feature requires an analog DC voltage source from 0.5 to 4.5Vdc to define the output voltage. Additional information on this feature:

Main Output Regulation: +/-0.25%

Auxillary Output Regulation: (Cross Regulation)
+/-10% with a 25% minimum load on the main output and a 25% minimum load on the auxillary outputs. Please contact our factory for your specific load current ranges, and voltage variance allowance specifications. We will analyze your performance requirements to determine an exact custom power solution for your product.

ISO 9001 Registered