WSL796 & WSL895 Model
Output Characteristics and

Note: This application note also applies to the WSZ796 & WSZ895 models.

The WSL796 and WSL895 power supplies have outputs which can be adjusted from 5V to 30Vdc. The WSL895 also has an auxillary 12V, .15A rated output. The main output produces 30W of continuous power from 20V to 30V. At 5V the output is rated at 2A load or 10W. Between 5V and 20V the output power is linearly interpolated as shown in Diagram 1 below.

Additionally, there is a short term intermittant loading capability at up to 1.5X the nominal continuous output power rating. For loads with signifigant loading times in the 5 to 15 minutes area, an explanation of output loading characteristics during surge loading is available at the following link:

For specific information regarding surge rating duration and load currents.

Diagram 1
Output Power Vs DC Output Voltage

The adjustability feature can be supplied in 2 basic styles. It can either be a mechanical adjustment accessible from the bottom surface of the power supply or it can be an analog programming signal accessible from the end of the cord.

The analog programming signal may be either a variable voltage or a variable resistance. When the signal is variable voltage, the level must be between 0.5 to 4.5Vdc. A 1/2 volt at the control input will set the output to the maximum level (30V), 4.5 volts at the control input will set the output to the lowest level (5V).

A variable resistance at the control input between 1K to 10K can alternately be used to set the output voltage. Contact the factory engineering department for specific information regarding this option.